0001 Thrive and Connect: The Black Knight

In this inaugural episode the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail is discussed as a figure of reactivity. Other forms of reactivity include:

Black Knight shutterstock_129370907

  • obsession with safety and security;
  • over-focus on survival;
  • excessive pleasure-seeking;
  • preoccupation with power and position, or;
  • commitment to destruction and revenge

Ironically, we tend to start with positive motivations when slipping into reactive mode.

Gary Monti introduces himself and discusses how connection with self and others can lead to greater abundance and a happier life.

Jennifer Rojas, the other co-host who will be present in the next podcast, is mentioned with respect to her training in diversity.

Intimacy is critical in making connections. This means dropping masks and letting go of coping mechanisms. New behaviors need to develop.

These changes are grounded in discipline and community.

The discipline will be brought by Gary and Jennifer along with other experts who will be invited to join the show.

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