0055 On the Cusp of Millennial and Gen X – Finding a Path

Today’s interview is with Caleb Belew, voice artist, and we discuss making life decisions when having been born on the cusp between being a Millennial and GenXer…whether or not to conform (live life on the rails) or strike out on one’s own (live life off the rails). While working on that decision life has a way to send one down an unanticipated rabbit hole which can mean having to “forge one’s own rails” and go in your own direction.

In line with all that, Nietzsche’s parable of The Camel, the Lion, and the Baby is compared to working through life’s decisions and finding one’s way.

Gary and Caleb also talk about the importance in some cultures of having a “Walkabout” and not force-feed decisions in a linear manner as to life choices.

Living consistently across all aspect of life is critical as is the need to pay attention to the small things, always practicing empathy and compassion whether in business or personal life.

Finally, different belief systems were compared along with the reality that they are all quite similar when it comes to helping one and other in living a full life.

Caleb can be contacted at:

Facebook @Caleb Belew

Instagram @caleb.c.belew

Twitter @BarryDaWhiteWiz

SoundCloud @BarryTheWhiteWizard


Deep Belew Voice Overs


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