0043 Thrive and Connect: Dealing With Fear of Rejection

This podcast is from a presentation to Awesome Women In Business

47344674 - woman is trying to fight her fear of rejection


  • I want you to close your eyes and go back in time
  • To a time when there was no boundary between your feelings and thoughts and the outside world.
  • A time when you were free and didn’t have to double-check yourself.
  • (let a minute go by)
  • What do you notice about your surroundings?
    • are you wearing a favorite piece of clothing?
    • Are you opening a favorite box that contains everything important to you?
    • Are you at a favorite relative’s house and is something special that smells delicious in the over?
  • There’s a name for this set of physical experiences: Axis Mundi – the place where what is going on inside you connects with the outside world and you feel whole.
  • We’ll come back to this.


  • Fear of rejection arises from feelings of not being good enough, of feeling unable to deal with the ups-and-downs on life on one’s own.
  • So, where does it come from? Trauma.
  • When we lack the power to protect ourselves in a traumatic situation in order to cope it can be easier to just deny the trauma occurred.
  • The problem with this is we also wall off the associated part of our psyche and the skills/capabilities that go with it.
  • We also get stuck in our head which can kill sales and the ability to perform.


  • Focus on others.
  • Give to them what you need yourself.
  • By seeing yourself giving to others it eases the path towards giving to yourself, i.e., reclaiming that part of you walled off with the trauma.
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