0002 Thrive and Connect: The Backstory

Jennifer Rojas, an ENFP and the other co-host, tells her background in diversity and fascination with conflict and people’s stories while Gary, an INTJ, shares his path through project management into change management.

A cornerstone in their relationship is Carl Jung’s belief that the pain and unfairness of life is to be embraced in order to see oneself more clearly and in a simple manner. Jung essentially helps make sense of the world.

Part of the personal transformation that occurs in this process is sharing one’s uniqueness in community. No holding on, just participating.

Jennifer tells her personal journey through the unfairness of life and how she began the process of reclaiming herself in spite of going to a foreign land, being dumped (bad marriage), having no money, no car, and little understanding of the language.

Jennifer and Gary discuss how their business lives wove together, the influence of Carl Jung in that process, and how that led to this podcast along with the formation of Aurelius Press.

Attitude and its effect on dealing with failure and success is compared to the saying, “Where ever I go, there I am.”

The importance of compassion in spite of the unfairness of life is stressed.

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