0040 Thrive and Connect: The Power of Humility – Connection Dissolves Reactive Emotions

In this episode your host, Gary Monti, continues the discussion of the power of humility in dissolving reactivity by using four other emotions/approaches to life. The six reactive emotions are discussed in greater depth:

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    • Rage
    • Greed
    • Instinct
    • Desire
    • Jealousy
    • Pride

The emphasis in this podcast, though, is counteracting reactive emotions through connections – connections with others.

The 6 reactive emotions are traps that over time create a negative karma within which we lose ourselves. A destructive, self-fulfilling perspective is created and we swear it IS the reality of the situation.

There are four emotions/behaviors which can take the place of the reactivity and lead to being present on your life. They are:

⁃Equanimity – being free of prejudice and treating others as equal

⁃Loving-Kindness – dropping barriers and being open to others

⁃Compassion – empathizing with those who are in pain or suffering

⁃Joy – spontaneity, being free to move without needing affirmation or approval of others.

By practicing humility an opportunity is created for us to wake up to life. Unfortunately, what one first sees is all the crap, all the bad consequences accrued over the years from living in reactivity as well as having fooled oneself into having been better when engaging in that reactivity. Also, the reactive habits take on a life of their own, as if they are a separate person, and fight back against constructive feelings. Consequently, it can be hard being honest with oneself, turning away from the reactivity and all that was invested in it, and turning towards the four constructive emotions.

On the positive side, there is a moving away from “you/me” to “us.” Again, when that occurs the world opens up and an opportunity to be present and free of reactivity starts developing. We can be joyful!

The power of meditation in learning to be humble and work towards building a humble frame of mind to achieve joy is discussed. Meditation helps draw the energy away from “the voices in the head” and move it into a more constructive frame-of-mind.

To do this work it is important to be in it for the long haul. It takes time and practice, practice on a daily basis. Over time, with more practice a unique ability develops, being able during difficult times to respect that pain or discomfort is being felt but being able to let go of it and not attach to it. By avoiding attachment to the pain the reactive emotions are not stimulated. The ability to see what is good in life remains and to participate as best you can. This is why humility is important. It helps avoid “why me?” or “somebody is going to pay for this!”

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