0039 Thrive and Connect: The Power of Humility – Neutralizing the Poison of Reactivity

In this episode your host, Gary Monti, discusses how to neutralize one of the impediments to humility – reactivity. Topics include:

  • The danger or reactivity
  • Definition of humility and its benefits
  • Humility is contrasted with reactivity
  • A range of emotions associated with reactivity and the trouble they can cause
    • Rage
    • Greed
    • Instinct
    • Desire
    • Jealousy
    • Pride
  • Reactive patterns develop in response to the emotions if they are left unchecked
  • The patterns can grow and interlace with each other compounding the situation
  • Meditation can help dissolve the reactive patterns and return to a humble state
  • Mid-life crises are discussed and how one can work through them
  • The elusiveness of humility, especially as we get older, and its root-cause is discussed
    • Reactive patterns take on a life of their own
  • When it comes to meditating simply sitting still can be a big challenge
  • The eventual reward is to just be which makes room for joy, discipline, compassion, and empathy not to mention the opportunity to be with others and have community and a sense of flow

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