0026 Thrive and Connect: APTi President, Maryanne DiMarzo

Maryanne Dimarzo, president of APTi (Association of Psychological Type International) took some time to sit down with us and offer her thoughts about APTi’s history, where it is now, and where she sees it going in the future. This was woven in with aspects of her personal journey, a journey that led to a commit to the organization.

Jung, Carl

00:26 Introduction – What APTi is about.

01:38 Independent of publishers

02:03 Product agnostic

02:07 Dedicated to high quality

03:48 Free assessments, people in a box, and Maryanne’s journey into Type

06:39 Helpers along the way and commitment to APTi

07:41 Product agnostic: The elephant in the room – 2 views

10:24 What about Jung?

11:00 So what’s the controversy?

13:22 Finding a balance as a practitioner

14:42 A constructive view: History and the value of diversity

18:20 Principles, respect, emotionality, and culture

20:48 Isabel, values, and finding common ground

24:03 APTi value statement, chapters, and members

25:43 Leadership, organization, diversity, and resistance

29:18 Membership: Standards in practice and what to offer

35:21 APTi Standards: Reversing the mis-use of type

40:55 Who does APTi want to attract?

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