0047 Human Trafficking – Part 1 – Gracehaven

This episode begins a new series on human trafficking. If you feel you are being trafficked or are observing suspicious behavior then call 911, say your life is in danger or you are seeing suspicious behavior and you will receive help.

You can also call the National Hotline 888-373-7888. (Might be easier to remember as 888-3737-888)

Today we are talking with Brooke Pollard and Jenn Stokes of Gracehaven, as faith-based recovery shelter for trafficked women in the Columbus, OH, area.

A range of related topics is covered in this introductory episode from the psychological frame-of-mind a trafficked child/adolescent/young adult has to community connections established to help with the entire range of issues faced when a victim of traffickers. Topics ranged from the legal system to other people working in recovery beyond Gracehaven.

Gracehaven can be contacted at:




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