0009 Thrive and Connect: Mythic Events – Weddings, Part 2 – Sympathy for the Devil

wedding 23120033_sJennifer and Gary discuss weddings and families with Jennifer first talking about a multi-generational family vacation and how behaviors evolve over time.

Gary then continues presenting his experience at a wedding and associated behaviors vis a vis the light side vs the dark  side. This includes the desire for parental redemption, control, and treating people as objects all in the name of love. These are contrasted with the genuine need for letting go, negotiating with others, and being respectful of everyone involved in order to honor the bride and groom.

To sharpen the focus between light- and dark side behaviors word pairs are provided:

  • connecting vs dominating
  • control vs letting go
  • urges vs love

This all is positioned with respect to how Shadow drives to have expectations met so wounds and ego can be protected.

Jennifer reflects on the reality this can actually be a life-long struggle.

Finally,  Jennifer closes with a personal experience with her father revolving around the Rolling Stones, “Sympathy for the  Devil.”

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