0007 Thrive and Connect: Ambiversion

Janus_shutterstock_31408900Gary and Jennifer discuss the popular topic of ambiversion with Jennifer using herself as an example.

Ambiversion arising as an artifact of limits associated with Myers-Briggs assessments is discussed. The roots lie in Jung wanting to know directly what is going on in a person’s mind with the 8 function-attitudes. Myers-Briggs measures whole type, e.g., ENFP for Jennifer.

Whole type is a heuristic developed along the path towards understanding what is going on NOW within a person, i.e., the 8 function-attitudes.

Having said that, it is important to remember that whole type does measure native wiring — our PREFERRED way to make decisions. When accurately measured, the 8 Jungian processes tell us how we are ACTUALLY using the function attitudes.

For example, Jennifer is very “E.” She likes people and relationships. However, she does prefer to get away and just be left alone to work on whatever she feels like doing at the moment. Simply put, she is an extrovert but has developed introverted skills. She goes back and forth between the two. She isn’t no any fence. She’s just developed a broader range of skills.

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